Glasgow Web Design

If you are looking for Glasgow web design and SEO, you've probably got one thing on your mind: getting your business found online. That's fair enough. That's what web designers do. But many businesses are missing a trick. By choosing any old web designer or SEO company, they're solving only half the equation. You see, many of Scotland's web design companies are geared only to getting your site found. Their web-design skills extend to a bit of coding and rough-looking sites that are, well, a bit geeky. Those web designers don't stop to think what businesses conversions.

Website Design for Scotland

At Online Marketing Scotland, based in Glasgow we're different. Not for us the templated website, amateurish design that reflects badly on your business, or badly written copy. We know that getting your website found is just half the battle. That's why, for a host of high-profile clients from right across Scotland, we've used our web design and SEO skills to create stunning-looking websites that draw the eye and keep the reader mesmerised with design and copy that converts, time after time. We know that a great web designer knows that it's attention to detail that matters in web design. Working closely with our clients, we provide an entirely bespoke website that responds to your needs and makes a bold and compelling statement about your business.

Affordable Web Designer

Of course, with the recession taking its toll on businesses, you might think you can't afford a web designer at all. Think again. Ninety per cent of your future business is likely to come from your website. So, the truth is, you can't afford to have an underperforming website. Luckily, here at Online Marketing Scotland, we believe in creating affordable websites for local businesses that get found and get converting. If you need graphic design, digital photography, scanning and image editing, so much the better. We're not just web designers. And if you want web design but you're not based near us in Glasgow, No problem. Our marketing consultants based in Fife, Aberdeen and the Highlands have got Scotland covered.

Website Design and Build

With so many firms that have sprung up around the UK, it's a case of creating a website template, then shoehorning the client's brand into it. Our graphic design glasgow team, we think the other way around: we know that a creative, well-designed site can transform the way your customers perceive your business, but we also know that your business has a personality. We believe your website design should reflect that personality. That's why we get to know you first - find out all we can about your business and what you want your web design to achieve. This can be at our offices in Glasgow or we'll come to you in Aberdeen, Fife or anywhere else in Scotland.

Glasgow Web-Design Team

Our web designers glasgow team are made up of consultants from large UK media companies, like Yell, the BBC and NHS Scotland. These are people who understand business in Scotland today. They understand that your most important consideration is your clients. Before we put finger to keyboard, we make sure our web designers fully understand:

Whether it's graphic design, SEO or website design, we've hundreds of website success stories behind us and you can trust Online Marketing Scotland to ask all the right questions. Website Redesign You run a successful local business and you have a website. It's a few years old now, but that's fine. No need for a redesign. Or is there? Research shows that your online presence needs to be refreshed every three years or so. Website design and SEO move on. For example, interactivity, blogs, social media and video are big news. If your website isn't performing - not getting found in Google or not converting visitors - chances are it doesn't look professional enough or it just isn't search-engine-friendly enough. You need a website redesign from Online Marketing Scotland. With our help, we can not only make your website look pretty, but we can captivate, educate and convert visitors. Our Glasgow web designers and web developers have been assembled from UK's leading media groups. Wherever you are in Scotland - be it Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or anywhere else - we have an area consultant convenient for you. Once you've met, we'll have a good idea about what you want from your website redesign. Once we've understood your business, we can redesign your website. We can meet at our offices in Glasgow or Edinburgh, or hash out details over the phone - however we go about it, the aim will be to analyse your company and create the best possible website design for you. At Online Marketing Scotland, we're nothing if not thorough. Once we've got a handle on your business, we'll assess the search-engine friendliness of your existing website, user experience models, admin area functions, and how the website redesign can save your company operation costs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With businesses paralysed by the economic slowdown, you can take advantage and scale the North face of Google. We can get you an increase in targeted traffic. With offices in Glasgow, we can give you a local search engine optimisation (SEO) service. High rankings in the search engines can put you in front of the people who need your product or service, when they need it. SEO is the ultimate dream: customers who find you. Selling has never been so easy. Great results from your SEO campaign will have long-term benefits, but the results you'll see in the short-term can depend on domain age, quality of existing links, and quality and uniqueness of SEO content. At Online Marketing Scotland, we can give you proven results. We'll meet your SEO needs, whether you're in need of seo Glasgow or Edinburgh. So, if your business is based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, or anywhere else across Scotland (or the UK) and you're looking for web design, SEO or a website refresh, call Online Marketing Scotland today on 0141 271 5010 for a competitive quote or just a friendly chat.

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